Monday, October 22, 2012

24 Week Pregnancy Update and Belly Pic

I had my midwife appointment last week and apparently I gained 7 lbs in 4 weeks. I think that might be a bit off since I weighed myself 3 days before and had gained 4lbs. My fingers were kinda sausage like so I assuming I am retaining water.  Next appointment, November 14th, is my glucose screening. Yum! I love chugging that crap. ugh 

I have been feeling better overall but need to be careful about how much I lift/carry Jude because my lower back does get sore sometimes. I tend to act like superwoman and then pay for it later. Otherwise I feel good. I have been sleeping AWESOME! Since I started taking the Natural Calm I am getting some solid sleep which is a huge plus when taking care of two small children. I am also upping my vitamin D and taking some krill oil too.

Halloween is next week and I am trying to be especially purposeful about what I put into my body (and into baby) as I tend to splurge during the holidays and then pay for it come January. I am putting a little extra thought into what I consume and deciding if it is a worthwhile splurge,which most times it is not. I am finding that many of the splurgy foods I once enjoyed just leave me feeling gross these days. 


Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

So sweet! Stopping by from Sugar and Dots to say hello. Enjoy the first weekend of 2013! XO