Monday, October 15, 2012

23 Week Baby Belly Pics

Time sure is flying. I am 23 weeks today. We snapped a photo when I picked up the kid's at Pete's studio yesterday because I knew I wouldn't see him for a few days. I had an impromptu trip to the midwife this past week to try and figure some things out. I won't go into detail now, but I am feeling better than I was last week. I am attending Charleston Birth Place, a local birth center, for this pregnancy. I wish I'd have had this option with the other two pregnancies but did not know of anything similar in Jersey, which is a shame. I did hop on the scale while I was there this past week but I'll wait until my official appointment to update weight gain.  I gained about 30lbs with both previous pregnancies and I am thinking it will be about the same this time around.  I have no idea what my starting weight was because I hadn't weighed myself in about a year but think it was close to 114.  

I think my belly pictures get fewer and fewer in the coming weeks with Eliza and Jude. 

23 weeks with Rainbow Sparkle
119 days to go

23 weeks with Jude

24 weeks with Eliza