Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rainbow Sparkle and Cloth Diaper Rental

Eliza is very excited that I am having a girl. She is so excited that she decided to name her. Pete and I had something else in mind but Eliza insists that her name is Rainbow Sparkle. It is kind of growing on me...

We will be cloth diapering Rainbow Sparkle. I have quite a few usable diapers left from Eliza and Jude- though most will be put to rest after serving me well. I also have picked up some used diapers at a local diaper swap. I will still need to buy some new ones but will probably wait until baby is born.

Sweet Jude

I rented NB diapers with Jude and that is what I plan on doing again. Both of my kids were born on the small side which makes it difficult to use OS from the start. Plus, I still have two of the covers I used with Jude and a few I purchased recently. It worked out really well last time so I think it is the way to go. I could buy NB cloth and then resell it, but honestly I am too lazy for all of that. 

I used Nell's Natural Baby for my rentals. Here is the review I wrote after using them with Jude.

If you are interested in how a diaper rental would compare to buying disposable you can find a comparison here.

I will be taking picture of my stash (both old and new) when I get my hands on a camera.

Here is one of my favorite cloth diaper pictures of Eliza. We used Smartipants with Eliza and Jude, but the leg gussets are all stretched out so we will NOT be using them with #3.


Christy said...

When I was pregnant with Porgie, John and I discussed clothes diapers. We wanted to hire a service that would wash them and everything, but we couldn't find a company that worked in our area. Then I had her and never really thought about it again. I am incredibly lazy.

Unknown said...

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