Tuesday, December 25, 2007


OK...this is not complete yet. If I left you off please let me know. I have 129 subscriptions on my Google reader. I need to cut it way down. haha. I was over ambitious.

Because of God's Grace
Random Thoughts
If Only I had Super Powers
Baby, Toddler, and Beyond
Teacher Turned Mommy...not as easy as it sounds

From the Cheap Seats
Just Talk
I've Got Mommy Brain
Write from Karen

Adventures in Babywearing
Welcoming Preston Cole
Blonde Mom Blog
Babywearing Buzz
The Laughs Will Go On
Carry Me, Mama- A Babywearing Blog
Maternal Spark
A[tipp]ical Thoughts
Erin's Words
What's On Mommy's Mind
SAHM Ramblings
Mommy Mechanics
Green & Clean Mom
Dandelion Wishes . . .
Mommy Moments
life is good
Livin' With Me


PletcherFamily said...

Hi! I am not sure why you are locked out - I will see if I can fix it! Sorry about that - not sure about that one! I am not a computer genius. :)

PletcherFamily said...

I think I figured it out - I think you have the blog address wrong:


Let me know!

Pam said...

So I don't mean to be a pain, but the link to my blog takes you to Lori's Teacher Turned Mommy blog. Uhm....should I just have kept my mouth shut? Is it rude that I told you? Sorry if it was!

LaskiGal said...

I have nearly 100! I am working on paring my down and then I'm updating my blog roll . . .

Nicole said...

LOL - I have 70+ blogs and 500+ unread posts. I keep falling further and further behind. But there are so many good ones that I love (okay, all of them) that I can't bring myself just to mark them as read!

I finally added the Google Reader widget to my blog so I could share some of my favorite blogs without trying to manage an unmanageable blogroll post of 70+ and counting!

With as many as you have, I can't imagine how many posts are unread!