Sunday, January 6, 2008

I am back- and wearing my baby

The holiday season was crazy but I think things are finally winding down. I have started pumping less and pretty soon Eliza will be getting formula. The time is passing quickly and my munchkin is growing before my eyes. Anyway, my new favorite topic is baby wearing. I have always been interested in baby wearing but I have really been getting into it over the past few weeks. Since Eliza was born I have sampled about five carriers and I look forward to getting more. My first carrier was the Bjorn- which from what I have read is not that popular among baby wearers. However, when you are first starting out it is one of the few carriers they carry at Babies R Us. I registered for it thinking my husband would also use it because it is 1) Adjustable and 2) not that feminine. However, even though I beg and plead my DH does not seem to be into wearing Eliza. I hope to persuade him to try it over the next few weeks. I like but do not love the Bjorn. It is not great for wearing around the house – it just feels silly. I always feel like I should be going on a hike when I am wearing that contraption. I haven’t tried it with the baby facing out yet. I also read that it isn’t wise to wear the baby facing outward because they cannot turn away from stimulation- which makes sense to me. I did use it at Barnes and Noble the other day and Eliza was still fussy. I will try to post pics of me using the Bjorn- but I think the only ones I have are pretty lousy.


Angela said...

Hey Danielle! Your blog is really cute, I read all 3 entrees. I also plan on wearing my baby...hubby isn't into it for now, we'll see if that changes when he/she is actually here. I want to read the happiest baby on the block, have you read it? Are the methods working for Eliza? Also wanted to ask what brand breast pump you've been using, we're finding out at the end of this week what we're having and I want to get started on registering asap so I'm looking for opinions on breast pumps. You can myspace message me or email me


Amber said...

"However, even though I beg and plead my DH does not seem to be into wearing Eliza"
LOL i'm just picturing it and it made me laugh literally out loud