Friday, March 28, 2008

Working on my Resume!

I have been working on my resume- you know just in case my SAHM or a WAHM pipe dream doesn't come true. HA! and I started thinking of all the new and wonderful skills I have as a mom. So here is the start of my mommy resume. I did this in a rush and left out so many wonderful thins I am sure. Please feel free to suggest additions!

Danielle The Mom
Mommyville, USA

Objective: To raise a child who does not need therapy or hate her parents


  • 30 Minute Discharge Class at JFK Hospital

  • Babyzone Due Date Club 2006-present

  • University of Google


  • Changing explosive poopy diapers

  • Rocking until I can't rock no more

  • waking up every two hours despite fatigue

Special Skills:

  • baby wearing

  • swaddling

  • soothing a crying baby

  • folding laundry with one arm

  • making dinner with baby on my back or in my arms

  • leaving a room without waking baby

  • typing while holding baby

  • taking rectal temperatures

  • blogging while entertaining baby

  • forgetting to administers administering baby vitamins

  • singing nursery rhymes and finger plays

  • bathing a slippery infant

Nana Tamez
Grammyita Miller
Happiest Baby on the Block
On Becoming Babywise
The Baby Whisperer

Anyway, I know many of my blogger buds are in the education field so if you would like to help me out and give my real resume a once over- drop me an e-mail.

so now I really have to go work on my resume for real!


Pam said...

that was too funny! I loved it! If you want me to look at your 'real' resume- I can. I can have hubby use his principal training to help out too- if you want.

Amber said...

Cute! I'm not sure I'd be qualified to look over your resume. Are you thinking of leaving teaching or moving schools?