Friday, June 20, 2008

Babywearing with the Jelly bean

I had so much fun wearing Eliza last time I was at Danielle's, I had mentioned to her how I would like to do some babywearing of my nephew Owen is about the same age as Eliza and I wanted to wear him. Considering all of the grief I get for buying baby gear, I thought that it would be a little insane to go out & buy a sling (even though I really wanted to). Danielle had this great sling at her house but it was too big for her, so she gave it to me! It is the jelly bean sling by Munchkin. This particular model is reversible and can be used 5 different ways. Since I am just a novice babywearer, I have been sticking with the hip carry because it is super comfortable & he loves it. I was just telling Dana that the last time I was on the phone with her for about 20 minutes, I was just walking in circles around the house talking & he fell asleep! I guess that is a testimonial for how comfy they are.

Obviously we all know the many benefits of wearing your baby (or someone else's haha). Most importantly for me, he never cries while he is being carried around in the sling! He really enjoys being up high and I can get everything done that I need to while wearing him.

Here are some pics of us using the jelly bean sling...they are not the greatest photos in the world because the only person around to take them was my 3 year old niece. I think she did a pretty good job considering she has no practice with a camera (mostly because I am the only crazy person who would give her one)! Thanks again Danielle for this great sling :)

Here we are trying it out for the first time

He fell asleep while I was on the phone, so I just kind of dumped him out onto the floor!

Trying the hip carry again another day...I think I'm getting the hang of it!

Decided to go crazy and try the front carry. I think this one is more difficult for both of us :)

Here is Owen trying to climb back into the sling after I took him out! He loves it!


Pam said...

good for you! That is awesome that you are already testing it out. You will make a great mommy!

Danielle said...

Yay! I am so excited that it is working for you. It looks great. I am jealous and I wish it fit me! Oh well. Owen is a cutie patootie!

Amber said...

How cool, Heather! You're going to be a BW'ing pro when you have your own!

OHmommy said...

I could never live w/o the sling. YAY! I am glad it works for you too!

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

Those things are so great!
I wish I'd had one when my angels were smaller :)