Tuesday, August 19, 2008

LAF Review & Giveaway!

It has been like Christmas around here lately. Last week I received some awesome products from LAF brand. LAF stands for "Little Angel Face". This company offers seriously innovative products that make life easier for busy families.

The first product is the Roll-N-Go Diaper Caddy. This product is seriously convenient. It is an organized mom's dream and will help me with my dream of becoming organized. This diaper caddy will turn any bag into a diaper bag. Dads can even sneak it into a manly bag and be prepared for any occasion. In my opinion if you need to run out quick it is pretty enough to stand alone as a clutch. Or, stash it in the car for emergencies!
With fall just around the corner we head right into long sleeve t-shirt season. Then Mother Nature throws us a curve ball and you get a warm afternoon and wish you had some summer clothes still available. Attachables clothing is the answer to the too hot, too cold fall weather. The sleeves Velcro in and can be taken off in a jiffy if it gets too warm. The if you get chilly you can reattach them with ease! Products range from infant to 5T so there is something for all your little ones.I wish they made this product in an adult size. Too bad for me!

Stay tuned for the upcoming LAF Rocks line featuring extra long, fun striped removable sleeves with Rocker style. Eliza is a rocker girl and she will def. be getting one of these for her birthday. Additionally, the shirt will also come with a pair of white sleeves so kids can mix and match. We all know how important it is for kids to have choice and these sleeves will help them express their individual style.

I am giving a way a size 3T Attachables T-Shirt. Your little one will LAF out Loud in this adorable black tee with white sleeves. Just visit the LAF website and leave a comment telling me your favorite product! Contest ends September 1st!.


EP said...

Aww! These things are great! If I had a child, I would definitely be entering but alas... ;)

Missi said...

So cute! Thanks for bringing this company to my attention! The attachable sleeves is a very clever idea- but I think my favorite product has to be the Roll-N-Go Rollable Diaper Caddy (of course I'm partial to the summer one). I think it's the Virgo in me that strives for this organized perfection! I wish I had seen that product with Lillian was younger!

Andrea said...

I love their Attachables™ T-shirt with removable sleeves: "Dream big. LAF often." I looooove the attachable sleeve idea!!

Christine said...

How cute. BTW, how do giveaways work? DO you spend your own money and then just giveaway the stuff?