Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finding our Food Rhythm

I have used meal planning to save money and make life easier for a long time. However, I usually end up getting lazy and when it comes time to plan for the week I sit down with a sheet of paper and my mind goes blank. There are simply too many choices and so something that should have made life easier was suddenly overwhelming.

I was recently introduced to the concept of having a Food Rhythm from Simplicity Parenting and it makes meal planning a snap. It isn't really something new. In fact I'm pretty sure it is an old concept that my grandparents and great grandparents employed. I think my mom used it to some extent but I am trying to avoid thoughts of pork chops and noodle roni right now. Eating the same foods on a weekly basis may seem limiting in some respects- but you really are only limited by your own creativity. The other bonus is how it creates meal rituals for your family. Kids thrive on knowing what to expect. My daughter likes to know that she will have chicken on Monday and burgers on Saturday. It is comforting to her to know what it going on with our meals. I can definitely see how it will simplify our lives at what can certainly be the most stressful time of day.

So here is our food rhythm for now...we will see how it goes

Sunday- DIY Pizzas. I want to get the kids more involved with cooking and pizza is a no brainer with lots of possibilities. Although it isn't Paleo, we were usually eating non-paleo on weekends anyway.

Monday- Chicken

Tuesday- Taco Tuesday (Mexican)

Wednesday- Rice (white)

Thursday- Soup/Stew

Friday- Wild Card

Saturday- Fun Burgers

So now when I sit down to plan my week I no longer drawing a blank. Instead, it is like I am already half way done.



Teena in Toronto said...

I usually know what I'll be making for supper every day ... takes some of the stress away.

Happy blogoversary :)