Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Screen Free Summer Recap

I am back from my screen free break and my mullet is better than ever. Growing out a pixie is NO FUN!

A lot of people have inquired about my time was away from the screen. Ironically, I thought it would be a really reflective time but it wasn't. What did I do? I read, and read and read some more. I played with my kids. I spent time with family. I talked, played board games and went swimming. I lived.

I still have no TV with no plans for its return. Pete watches a show on the Ipad now and again but I really don't miss TV at all. NOT AT ALL

I traded in my Droid for what I like to call the Zack Morris. The DROID was a financial burden and having Internet access 24/7 was a huge distraction for me. I did not make it the entire time without texting. So FAIL on giving that up- but I did make more of an effort to call people actually talk.

I did miss the computer time and ended up online a few times out of necessity. Darn the convenience of the Internet. The two things that brought me online were looking at real estate- i couldn't justify my husband printing out that information when i could look at it on the computer. The second was because I started getting sick in July and went online to see what the heck was wrong- which is a good and a bad thing. I am feeling better now but spent the latter part of the summer feeling crappy and trying to figure out what was wrong (which involved numerous trips to the doctor and the lab).

I have decided to set limits for myself with the computer. Although I enjoy it, I continue to feel it prevents me from giving my kids 100% of my attention. I need to be a model for the kids and I can't very well ask them do something constructive (play) while I vegetate on Facebook. I plan to minimize my usage and possibly will only be going online when the kids are asleep.

I continue to work towards minimalism and simplicity for our family. I strive to find balance that works for us. We are planning to move again and I will be closely examining our STUFF again. Less is really more and we are learning to Enjoy less a lil more each day.


Lara English said...

i love this post. i am a stay at home mommy and i gave up my iphone months ago because it was a financial burden and a major distraction. i also only try to only go on the computer and do my blogposts and such when my baby is sleeping (which is usually right on top of me haha!). i too think it's important for them to know that, when you're there, you're fully there and not just partially checked in :)